Sunday, December 27, 2009

Social Networking Platforms

Wow, social networking seems to be all the rage at the moment. Everyone I talk to is on facebook!!! I seem to be missing out on something. My experience with these tools is somewhat limited but I now have some knowledge about these tools and how they may be used in teaching due to this course.

I have joined the online facilitators network but there doesn't seem to be much happening here. It is not the most popular online tool we have been introduced to on the course. I have also signed into ning but have not practiced with this much so far.

A friend in australia let me have a look around her facebook page and her contacts. This was mostly an exchange of photos and some comments.

I had a group of students that used Beebo often and unfortunataly they used this to comment and provide feedback about a new tutor that had joined our team. Not a positive experience.

I guess the social networking is very open to negative feedback and some bullying may occur. Use of social networking in your teaching would need boundaries and would need to be monitored closely to ensure that all students had a positive expeirence.

This type of platform would work well with teenagers as it seems to be a very effective communication tool for them right now.

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