Monday, November 2, 2009

Online Meeting - Assignment 2

Hi all

A Chance to speak with David McQuillan and Robin Heydon.
David is based at Otago Polytechnic and has used open access tools in his teaching and is very innovative. Robin is a high school teacher and has trained other staff in implementing on line tools into their teaching.

I have some dates that my speaker has sent through and I would like your thoughts and availability on these times.

· 10 Nov, Tues – 1pm
· 11 Nov, Wed – 10am
· 12 Nov, Thu – 10am

These are the only times David has free, I’m not sure that these times will suit Robin but as time is running out, I will have to make a decision.

Can you please send me a quick email about possible times that may suit.

I would like you to have a think about the questions/ideas below before my meeting:

Topic: Implementing e learning tools into a course – Advantages and Disadvantages

· What e learning tools have you used or implemented into a course?

· How did you implement or use the e learning tools in your course?

· Choose one of these tools and list the advantages or disadvantages you found.

Thank you for your participation. I hope I can find a date that will suit some of you.

Many thanks