Sunday, September 27, 2009

Facilitating own event online

Hi everyone

A couple of ideas I had for online event was:

  • implementing online tools into a course where students have never experienced this type of learning - What approach to take? What have others done in the past?
  • Implementing the use of skype into a course

I have been thinking about topics for a while and am open to suggestions about what others would like to discuss.

For me personally I like my fisrt idea as this is something I would benefit from. I am going to try and do this with a grouop of students and it would be great to hear what others have done.


  1. I like both ideas. Would you be having a general look at the barriers and advantages or a more focused investigation...looking at specific tools and how to use them? If you go for the first option, you'll have to be mindful of time. How will you facilitate the sessions? Who will you have as a speaker if you do a real time session or will you get someone to take more of a workshop approach?

  2. Well, Sarah they are all very good questions and I will ahve a think about these. I was thinking more of a geranl look at barriers and advantages as people from our course may have experience with these tools and be able to offer some great tips. It is a Big topic to cover so time would have to be monitored. What method do you think would work well for this type of presentation, maybe online time if I want to get everyones input but if I want someone to tell us about their experiences mayb e a workshop would be better. I do have someone in a mind to be a speaker, she has implemented online tools into programmes and taught other teachers how to do so.
    I haven't asked if this would be ok yet but I will check this out.

  3. I think there is at least someone else thinking about similar topics, so get your ideas up on the wiki asap so people can see what you're thinking and doesn't replicate it: